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As widely acknowledged, the use of certificates is the right way to encrypt documents, to sign documents or to use encrypted network connections. But it is not sufficient to simply use the certificates: A certificate has to be valid. ValidationWorks! implements the standardized OCSP protocol to validate certificates ONLINE and check their status.

State-of-the-art Validation
An OCSP online validation has various advantages over CRL revocation checks: real-time responses, performance, interoperability, network load

Perfect Integration
ValidationWorks! extends the Microsoft-Crypto-API. Therefore all Microsoft products using this API automatically use the improved validation technology for the used certificates (e.g. MS-Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc.)

Ease of Use
Installation, use and visualisation are implemented to guarantee maximum simplicity. 

Overall Security
The validation configuration can be customized according to your companies policy. Every manipulation will be detected at once.

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  • OCSP-Client (Online Certificate Status Protocol) for Microsoft-Crypto-API (Outlook, IE, ), conforming to RFC-2560

  • Validation of any certificate (Server-/Email-/Signaturecertificates) within applications like MS-Outlook, Internet-Explorer, etc. being based on the MS-Crypto-API

  • Visualization of the Trustworthiness (according to the server settings) with comprehensive individual configuration settings

  • Traceable validation process (detailed history-logs) and signed configuration settings

  • Ready-to-use default settings (using

  • 2 minute installation, no additional settings required, ready to run

Enterprise Functionality

  • Usage of a company "Trust-Policy"

  • Specification of CA's to validate

  • Defaultsettings for special CA's

  • Company wide identical visualisation

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  ValidationWorks!: Online certificate validation (OCSP) for Microsoft Windows. Secure your work place. Instant download and online shopping available!, a free service powered by SyTrust CertControl technology is nominated for the German Internet Award 2003.   
CertControl: free version of the OCSP Responder available for download  
  BrowserCheck: Does your browser validate the certificates it uses?