[2004-02-26] Partnership: is4it and SyTrust

Our customers use our products in very complex environments with high requirements regarding availability and security. To live up to these expectations of our partners and customers we teamed up with is4it. Together with IS4IT we are ready to offer flexible and professional support up to 24 x 7.

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[2003-11-20] LDAP Proxy enters beta

As announced a few months ago we are moving forward to complete our product range. With our new LDAP-Proxy product, we can bring our customers another step towards easy PKI interoperability. We encourage all of you to test our new product on OpenValidation.org - but mind it is our first beta version right now.

OpenValidation.org LDAP Proxy Betatest

[2003-10-28] Improved security of certificate handling

ValidationWorks! is now officially released after intensive beta-testing. Thus the world of online certificate validation using OCSP and OpenValidation.org is available to every Windows user. Besides the free evaluation version, personal licenses can be bought online.

ValidationWorks! Online Shop!

[2003-10-19] OpenValidation.org with new layout

As already announced, OpenValidation.org finally has a new layout online. Additionally a lot of archtectural changes went into this new website - a content database, multiple languages and more. This allows us to add more feature in the near future: XML export, additional languages, etc.

Visit OpenValidation.org!

[2003-10-12] SSL/TLS supports OCSP

Within RfC3546 the IETF group working on TLS (the SSL successor) specified some new extensions. One of these extensions allows a webserver to send an OCSP-Response along the line during an SSL handshake. SyTrust will provide a testbed for this new technology as soon as possible.

Read more in RfC3546!

[2003-09-21] Microsoft will support OCSP

According to a recent posting on the IETF/PKIX mailing list, Microsoft will build OCSP-client support into their OS. They will also support the new SSL/TLS extension allowing a webserver to present a cached OCSP-response to a client. They already completed interoperability tests with our responder CertControl. We look forward to the next test release of Windows containint the code.

Announcement on the PKIX-Mailinglist

  ValidationWorks!: Online certificate validation (OCSP) for Microsoft Windows. Secure your work place. Instant download and online shopping available!  
  OpenValidation.org, a free service powered by SyTrust CertControl technology is nominated for the German Internet Award 2003.   
CertControl: free version of the OCSP Responder available for download  
  BrowserCheck: Does your browser validate the certificates it uses?